Feb 19, 2012

So far behind!

So, I've totally failed at keeping this blog up to date. I've been working on a lot of projects around the house lately and I'm really happy that they're saving us money that I can pour straight into more projects. It kind of defeats the purpose but my husband thinks that I have this wife thing down so it's a win-win.

I spent a few hours doing a once a month cooking thing. I managed to make 17 dinners and 20 breakfast burritos so I'm a little bit short of the full month but I'll get there. Our meals were kind of pasta/carb heavy so I need a new plan for some new recipes.

I'm a little sad that all of that food condensed down into just a few little bags but I couldn't be more thrilled about not cooking daily or getting fast food because we're too tired after work to make something good for dinner.

I tried my hand at homemade laundry detergent. It's still a work in progress since it's pretty lumpy but we're happy with it so far. The recipe if you're interested.

I proved that I'm a domestic goddess (to my husband's standards, at least). I made him a giant homemade Snickers bar for Valentines Day. It didn't take very long and the recipe was easy enough to understand after a few Valentine's Day beverages. Here's the recipe if you want. P.S. I picked out exactly where on my body that I would like to put that extra weight ahead of time so I wasn't surprised when it showed up.

I barely managed to get decorations up for Christmas but my St. Patrick's Day wreath is hanging on the front door almost a whole month early. Such is life.

On the schedule for next weekend: finish the wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets, install the counter over our new (to us) front loading washer and dryer, and make a set of reusable Swiffer cloths. I'm kind of enjoying my weekend house projects.


  1. did you make your own wool dryer balls? I would love to know how you did that!

  2. I did! I'll write a post for you about them soon. :) Thanks for stopping by!