Jun 19, 2012

Proof that I am crazy about my husband

I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to being a real adult.  Apparently there's more to it than just hitting a certain age or checking things off a list.  College?  Check.  Married?  Check.  Life insurance?  Dang.

I've never had to deal with life insurance before but now that we're married and have the house, it's really important to make sure that he wouldn't have anything to worry about if something were to happen to me.  We're young so it's not  likely that anything would happen but it's better safe than sorry.  I found a policy that sounded good and went for it.  Hubs isn't on board with his yet but I'm sure he will knock it out eventually.  I had to have an exam to qualify for it that I knocked out this afternoon.

Officially worth more dead than alive.   Awesome thought.
If you've ever had allergies or asthma, you might have been enlightened by a scratch test back in the day.  That's where a doctor basically draws a giant grid on your back and had tiny vials of purified allergens.  Then, in each box, they prick your skin with a needle of it to see if you have an allergic reaction.  It was basically the worst day of my childhood to the point of where I still remember what outfit I was wearing and it's been almost 20 years.  Another time, I had my wisdom teeth removed and the nurse was so bad at placing the iv that I had four inch long bruises in both elbows because she couldn't find the vein.  It's fair say that I get anxious around needles.

This insurance policy required me to willingly give a blood sample.  The good news is that I survived.  Hubs informed me that I make a involuntary noise when I'm nervous like when I'm having some stranger draw blood at our kitchen table.  I'm a little disappointed that my subconscious noise wasn't a "shazam" or a tiger growl.

Battle wound.

The things I will do for that man to make him know that I adore him.  


  1. I have had two scratch tests in my life and they are beyond terrible. I couldn't get past the thought that my doctor was basically poisoning me and we've never had the same relationship since. The second time I took him off the Christmas card list for a year!

    1. Oh preach it. Who came up with that horrible idea anyway?

      I just discovered that you're a fellow budgeter/reader/declutter-er. Awesome!