Jul 2, 2012

Our first anniversary

Corey and I celebrated our first anniversary today.  We had a gift card that we've been saving since Christmas and went out to eat dinner.  He humored me by taking a few pictures afterwards.  He's such a good sport.

When we got married, people said that the first year of marriage is the hardest.  I took that with a grain of salt and now I'm just confused.  We didn't have any major struggles.  No screaming fights.  No storming out and staying at my parents until I cooled down.  We just had another lovely year together and took everything in stride.  

I asked him what he learned in his first year of marriage and he said that everything we do is a team effort.  As long as we communicate, our little issues don't become big issues.  He said the biggest thing for him being a husband that all of his decisions were for two people after the reality after the wedding kicked in.  He respects me enough to know that if he has to ask himself if I should be involved in something, I should probably be involved in it.  I'm his biggest cheerleader so it usually just gives him a boost of confidence to do whatever he had on his mind in the first place.  Jobs, goals, whatever.  I'm on his team.

If I had a tip for a newly wed couple it would be this: do not ever say something in anger online or to anyone that you are not married to about your relationship.  It's okay to get angry about things.  It's normal to get annoyed once in awhile.  You cannot take those things back once you calm down.  When people on Facebook bash their husbands online, it makes me really uncomfortable.  It just shows a huge lack of respect for your husband.  Maybe talk to him about whatever you're upset about and boom.  Problem is solved.

Our "1" prop found a new home on our gallery wall in the dining room.  It's just a cute reminder that we're already onto year two and the challenges that it might bring.  We're both ready and very happy to have the person we picked by our side.  I'm a very lucky girl.

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  1. I'm a very lucky boy! Love you very much! Year 2 will be incredible!