Oct 23, 2012

Home Organization 101: The Kitchen

I found this awesome organization challenge on Friday and decided to start at the beginning since my house could really use it.  The first challenge is the kitchen and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We loaded everything into the cabinets when we moved in two years ago and haven't rearranged anything since.

This is a little embarrassing.  We tried the curtain rod thing to hang your cleaning supplies on but ours was too flimsy and it's out of sight most days and forgotten.

I have empty shelves?  Say what?!  I spent $10 on plastic containers to split between the kitchen and the pantry and they've made a huge difference!  

Dachshund photobomb.
The cleaning supply cabinet isn't the messiest section of the house anymore!

I have a short container holding all of our kitchen utensils that aren't pretty enough to be left on the counter full time.  It's a smidge too tall for the silverware drawer so it found a home on the pull out section with the pots and pans.

The things on this pull out shelf were spread out between 3 different cabinets.

I have a baking cabinet.  I love it!

Another of the containers is holding travel mugs because they can take over an entire cabinet if not watched closely.  This cabinet has all of the casserole dishes, mixing bowls, and Christmas tins.

I have all of the spices in one at a decent height to where I can actually reach them.  

This is the mother in law dish cabinet.  The next time we see her, all of these will get to go home where they belong.  I do feed her son.  I promise.

I put down place mats in the fridge for easy cleaning.  I'm just one short so I'll need to go back to Target soon. 

I believe the garage is the next area on the list.  I think I'm going to pull Hubs in on that one and let him go crazy.  I can't wait to do the whole house.  My kitchen is making me so happy right now!


  1. I also have the mother-in-law dish cabinet! Otherwise what would you do with those containers and dishes? Good work on your kitchen.

  2. I really like the idea of using placemats on the fridge shelves! So much easier to clean up!