Nov 6, 2012

Home Organization 101: The Pantry

A few weeks ago, I started the Home Organization challenge.  Since I was late starting, I started from the beginning and the pantry was up next.  We have this huge pantry that becomes a bit like a catch all.

I bought seven of these plastic containers months ago to store each meal's ingredients for a week.  Since we started our once a month cooking, they haven't worked out exactly as I had planned since most of our meals are in the freezer.

After!  I took out our tupperware from the kitchen and stacked them and put the lids in a plastic tub.  This helps us see where the pieces actually are instead of blindly grabbing in that dark cabinet and hoping you get the pieces that fit together.

I condensed all of the food to one wall of the pantry.  It makes me feel like I don't need to run straight to the grocery store because there actually is food in the house.  Our small appliances and medicine cabinet are all up high since they aren't used on a daily basis.  Those plastic tubs were repurposed to hold pasta, vegetables, side dishes, and odd items like peanut butter that don't fit into categories.

Treats and leashes are stored together now instead of three different drawers.  The harnesses and collars are staying in the master closet/storm shelter.  After last year's tornado, I get anxious that my dogs might find themselves outside without identification.  If things get real, I would prefer to have those handy.

I've been on a huge homemade cleaning kick lately.

I think this will be super handy to grab and take out when I'm baking something.

Next up is the office.  Since we don't have one, I think I'd like to tackle the guest bedroom.  I don't think I've ever liked the way that it looks.  I'm excited to take a swing at it.

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