Jan 5, 2013

The View

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Saturdays are my day.  Hubs has to work until about the late afternoon on a typical Saturday and that window of time is the only alone time I get in a typical week.  I adore my husband and the time I get to spend with him but waking up to a quiet house is really peaceful.

I'm a reader and I have spent many a morning in that cramped tub flying through something I've found.  I feel guilty sometimes that there were things that I should be doing and I shouldn't keep this lengthy ritual.  I'll admit that I've heard the garage door open and I've hurriedly changed over the laundry or cleared the counter tops before Hubs makes his way into the house.  I have come to realize that he does not care if the house is tidy but he does appreciate when I approach the rest of the weekend with a sense of calm.

I would love to know where that hurried "I need to prove I accomplished something while you were gone" feeling comes from.  We both work full time jobs and spend our evenings knocking out a chore or two that might pop up together.  He's never said anything implying that I'm responsible for cleaning alone because I have the day off but the anxiousness is usually there.  We have never been anything except equal partners in this so I'm not sure where it comes from.

My subconscious might just have some qualms that I didn't know about.  I wonder if I just need to readjust some things to get a better sense of balance.  In the meantime, I have seven days to go until a quiet house waits to see about working them out.

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