Mar 21, 2011

Girls love shiny things

I've been looking forward to this summer for about three years now. This is officially the first summer where one or both of us are not students and can actually spend some time with each other beyond the 15 minutes where I'm getting off work and he's going in. Plus we're getting married which counts for something in my book.

We have an amazing patio at the house that I'm in lust with so it seemed natural to get a grill to spend more time out there. Check out my shiny early birthday present!Corey did a pretty awesome job on his first time grilling. He set his bar high starting with steaks but he nailed it. Our entirely grill based diet started with that meal. I threw on some pretty fab corn on the cob but I don't know that one meal will get us all the way through to next winter.
There are little things that hit you once in awhile to remind you that you grew up somewhere along the way. My moment this week was walking through the flower department at Lowe's with my mother in law and she was talking about flowers I could plant that will grow every year.

Hold up. I'm actually grounded enough in my life to have flowers grow in the same place every year? When did that happen?

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