Nov 29, 2010

Trying to be a glass half full kind of girl

Hello friends! I feel like I need to update this blog a little more but we're just so stinking busy that I never seem to keep it current. Things have just been moving, moving, moving.

The lowdown...

Corey and I put an offer in on a house way back in August (Yep. You read that right. August.) and we actually might get to close on it this Friday. I say this with a smidge of hesitation because they've moved our closing no less than 5 times at this point. Heck, we just might end up living in a really nice cardboard box at the end of it all. On the plus side, the house is as clean as I've ever seen it because we've been semi-living out of boxes for about a month now.

I lost my Posebook right before a boudoir party the other day and almost dissolved into tears because I can't believe we're still in boxes and my idea of organizing is to put everything I would be lost without together and then forget where I put the box. I'm not even that girl who cries over stuff that doesn't really matter. No way, no how.

And since it's Christmas and we're both in retail, life = work. More so, work = no life.

In all of this stuff going on, we're trying to plan a wedding too.

I've had the most incredible wedding zen from day one with that front. (Cough.. A Practical Wedding.) In all of this life crazy that we've had going on, I haven't been stressed at all about getting married. I told my mom what type of wedding I wanted to have, drove to Kansas City, and we booked basically the entire wedding in the span of an afternoon when Corey was in class. I went with my gut at the kind of wedding that I knew he would love to be a part of. As long as he shows up, I'm cool with anything that happens that day. My dress is hanging on the closet door and his ring is in my jewelry box. We could do this thing tomorrow and I'd be just as thrilled.

I get to marry my best friend who sleeps with his eyes open, can't match his socks to save his life, and lets me tell hostesses to put our name under Reynolds because he knows it makes me feel fancy. I'm a very, very lucky girl.

Obviously, right? I'm considering this picture for our save the dates. : )


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