Sep 25, 2011

Projects: The old frame + photos

One of the goals of our wedding was to only spend money on things to decorate we could repurpose in our house. It didn't really happen entirely that way but we did manage to make this sweet frame. I've never really been a 'nester' so I'm hoping that it comes with the newly married territory.

Corey's mom gave me this sweet frame and told me that I can go crazy with it. I wanted to make a frame with our wedding pictures and the wedding picture of our parents and grandparents as well. We started by taking the little curtain off the top and repainting the frame.

I needed a little help from a big strong man to help me get the back off of the frame so we could paint. Corey has officially claimed half of the credit from this project. :)

This is the finished product at our wedding. I bought our wedding photo to replace our engagement picture that's currently in our frame but it hasn't made it quite in yet. I'll post a picture of that when it makes its way into the frame.

Do you decorate your house with things you make? What's your favorite project so far?

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