May 29, 2012

Snap Decision

Today at work I walked a family back to the stray dog area to see if their dog was in the shelter.  She was!  Hooray.  There were three big dogs in the cage and we grabbed the one dog and another one tried to push their way out.  Normally, the gate is closed and her getting out wouldn't have been a big deal.  We would have caught her as she ran by us when she ran out of freedom steam.  For some reason, the gate was open and she headed straight for it.  I ran for her and in my most graceful move of the day, I rolled my ankle and fell.  Hard.  I heard something snap and it wasn't quiet.  

The people who's dog I was catching made no move in the time she was out to walk toward her or help me.  Heck, they didn't even ask if I was ok after I landed and couldn't get back up for a second because of the burst of super pain.  I hobbled back up and asked them to please help me get the dog who made it out of the gate at this point.  I have never seen people move in slower motion.

As I limped along, I got really annoyed because they were moving slower than me and I was babying an ankle until we could get to the dog and make sure she was safe.  After she was caught, I was silently running drills of every pain obscenity I knew in my head to focus on getting these people back to intake where they could be checked out of the shelter and get as far away from me as possible.

How I spent most of my day.
Who are these people that care so little about others?  I'm not saying that they should have done anything other than say, "Gosh, you were hurt chasing our dog to keep her safe.  Are you ok?"  I feel like it's a common thing now that people won't extend a hand to another person unless there is something in it for them.

Sorry for the cranky post, I'm feeling like an ice queen from the six hours I've had ice on my bare ankle today.  Cross your fingers that the loud snap I heard when I landed wasn't something nasty that is going to kick in tonight when I'm sleeping without ice.

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