May 26, 2012

Flower Tower

I saw the cutest landscaping piece on Pinterest some time ago and have never had the time to actually build it.  I've had all of the pieces for ages but haven't managed to put them together.  


Awesome, right?  This is what my version looked like for about two months.  Not exactly the same thing.  I had picked up the flower pots at Dollar General last fall on clearance and we picked up the rebar at Lowes in March.  For my birthday, we managed to pick up some flowers and finish the project.

Tada!  The finished product.  The total cost is around $20 for the whole project.  It was extremely easy to put together but I'm not sure about the type of flowers that we put into the pots.  I think they might too tall and the weight of the blooms will eventually pull down and hurt the flowers.  Time will tell on this one.

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