May 24, 2012


This is a conversation between my husband and I this morning.

Me: I went running this morning.  Big f*cking mistake.
Corey:  I think about running after work every day but get home and discover the couch.
Me: Soulmates.

When we went up to Kansas City, I stopped by one of my oldest frienemies.  My mother has this hateful scale in her bathroom and it calls to me.  Somehow, I always stop by this thing to check out how I'm doing.  It's not that I've ever had a weight problem but I know that my body feels differently at different weight points.  This is the heaviest period of my life at this point.  I've lots 13 pounds since Christmas when I checked in with it last.  The girls in the office and I are still working off our tornado twenty.  We were fed very well by the volunteers who wanted to make sure us Joplin folks were eating while we were rounding up the animals.  We're from the Midwest.  Eating is never something that is just forgotten.

Now you might look at that number and say, "Awesome!  Quit freaking out."  However, my husband hopped on the scale right after me and pulled up a 150.6 lbs.  The exact same as me.  He's 6' 2"!  Problem.

So last night I set my alarm and transferred some of my best gangster music onto my phone and planned to become a runner in the morning.  Apparently, it's not that easy.  About half a block from the house, my throat burst into flames.  It felt just like our honeymoon when my body figured out that if I was going to do grown up things like get married then I should have to deal with acid reflux.  HA.  Take that.  

I pushed through it and I'm not going to admit I ran the whole time.  There was definitely some walking and reflecting on life this morning.  I have decided that many people are liars.  Running doesn't feel good.  You don't look graceful when you run.  And this woman in the photo below.  I hate everything about her.  She's beautifully running through water barefoot because that's the type of person she is.  I'm on fire!

Photo borrowed from:
Woman Around Town

This is what I looked like after my run today.  I'm sure you can notice the similarities between myself and that woman in the photo above.  Oh wait.  I'm a real freaking person.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Shots, Shots, Shots of ice cold water is all I wanted when I got home.  I think I need new music for a new day.

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