Aug 9, 2012

Bedroom Project on the Cheap

I've had a crush on the whole pallet as home decor trend that has been all over Pinterest.  I was able to bring home a slightly beaten up pallet from work and gave it a nice stain coating.  A few nails and boom.  Finished.  I like the instant shelves to get the photos into a more visible position  My husband mentioned that we wouldn't be able to put a television in our bedroom now which was the plan entirely a total coincidence.

Total time for the project? 20 minutes plus overtime drying time.
Total cost?  Around $5 for wood stain.

One of my favorite frames in this group is the one with every ticket stub from our first date to our wedding day.  My purse feels so much lighter now that these bad boys aren't all in my wallet or floating at the bottom of the bag anymore.

Have you jumped on the pallet decorative piece bandwagon?  Tell me about it!

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