Aug 8, 2012

Our 1st Nice to Meet You Blog Hop!

I signed up for a blogging class last month over at Alt Summit and was blown away by how much positive encouragement there was from the other members of the class.  We all got together and decided that we would host bi-weekly meetups to get to know each other and our readers.  We came up with a name -- the Nice to Meet You gang and we're already ready to go.  I've never done a blog meetup before so I'm so excited to participate!

WHEN: The first "Nice to Meet You" link-up will be Friday, August 10. We'll do these every two weeks.

QUESTION: This week's question is "What do you like to do at home?"

RULES: Pick six things that you really like to do at home.  All you have to do is post them on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest board, or leave them in the comments--wherever you want. To participate, follow at least four of the hostesses, listed here:

Jeanette @ Artchoo
Lauren @ Elleby Design
Ashley @ She Makes A Home
Erika @ Fox Trot Press
Sentrell @ Suite Seven
(Use the tool of your choice to follow them).

Want to know what all of those ladies blog about?  We have a few nifty diagrams for that!

During each challenge, we're going to post our answers to our blogs and can't wait to see what you have to say.  Don't forget to add your link in the comments so we can see.

There is an award for one reader from each of our blogs too.  There's a pretty sweet badge for your site to display as one of our first winners.

There will be more details on Friday!  See you then!  Don't be a stranger!

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