Sep 13, 2012


Hubs and I got serious about paying off all of our debt back in March and we're officially 40% of the way to the finish line.  Our small little victories are keeping us motivated and making the cheese/peanut butter sandwiches that I take to work a little more tolerable.  We made a decision that assuming nothing crazy happens, we won't seriously start a conversation about kids until we can get our financial stuff cleaned up.  I just don't want to be at a disadvantage by bringing kids into a house where we don't have the option to buy or do things for our family because that money belongs to someone else before it even comes in.

Trust me, we didn't have anything crazy stacked against us but we had three low level credit cards, two student loans, and a truck stacked against us in March.  Just looking at the total felt like we would never have it paid off.  Six months later, we're down to just the truck and my student loan.  

It feels really freaking good.

Did you set any goals for your family before you started thinking about having kids?  I'd love to hear that we're not the only people. :)

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  1. Hey Hey :) I know this is an older post but I'll throw my two cents in... we did not plan financially before we had our babes. We went off of we want a baby and bam a month later we were full blown pregnant. It's made paying debt off a little harder and we are currently making our own debt free plan (man diapers make it hard to save! :))