Oct 8, 2012


That was quite an unexpected hiatus from blogging!  Between Blogger having an issue and figuring out life choices, I haven't been writing much.  I really should have been since we're in the middle of some decisions and my mind hasn't worked through everything yet.

Hubs wants to be a lineman and officially applied to an apprenticeship program about two weeks ago.  Within 5 days, he had an interview scheduled so I am super excited for him.  If he gets into the program, our lives are going to get very interesting for a few years.  His interview isn't until January since they schedule them every 4 months.  I think we missed the interview slots by about a week this time around.

I was thinking seriously about going back to school for a radiology program and am just feeling totally paralyzed from making a decision to go forward with it or to walk away and find something else.  We have talked about expanding our baby family in about a year and a half.  If I go through this program, that will get pushed back about 7 years based on getting accepted into the school, actually working the program, and then working a few years to save up.

Some days, I'm totally for going back to school but on others, I can't imagine waiting until 34 to have a baby.  

I think I just figured out my answer from writing that last sentence.  I guess I need to write more to figure out what to do from here.

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