Oct 21, 2012

Vinegar just saved me $439

My flash has been having issues lately.  It glitched on the very last picture that I took at a wedding this summer and since then, I haven't really trusted it.  Thankfully, what I have been shooting has been shot in natural light so it's been out of sight, out of mind.  Since I'm shooting a wedding in December, I really needed a flash to have on me at all times.  I was browsing Amazon to see how much it would cost to replace and the current price tag took my breath away a little.  My folks bought this flash for me for Christmas one year when my photo studio was brand new.  I am very, VERY loved apparently.

Hubs looked up a tutorial to see if we could fix it and all it called for was a microfiber towel and some vinegar.  It was definitely worth a shot and I was planning on having to find some way to replace it anyhow even if it ended poorly.  It didn't.

I poured a dot the size of a quarter and blotted the towel together before going to work on the battery unit.  The inside was easy enough to clean the (what I assume) dried powdery battery acid off and went to work on the contacts.  They took a little tough love with my fingernails but cleaned up just fine.  Once everything was dry, I held my breath and took a test shot.  And another.  And another.  I don't think the response time on this thing has been this good in years.  Years!

I am a mixture of relieved and thrilled right now.  I'm also a vinegar fan for life.

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