May 8, 2012

City-wide Garage Sale

Corey and I are still working on our house item declutterathon and the city wide garage sale had some really wicked timing.  We just wanted to get as many things out of the house as possible and a little extra money would be nice.  We have had this old couch, loveseat, and chair that have been a major part of my home decor for years.  They had moved with me four different times since I've been on my own.  It's really hard to pretend to be grown ups with your main pieces of furniture in your house are futons.  Granted, they were really nice futons, but still.  It was time to say goodbye.  We were able to send the couch off on Craigslist but the last two pieces just wouldn't leave.  We hoped for the best and got them ready for our garage sale.  We decided that it was going to be their day.  It totally was.

I'll admit it was a little bittersweet to see them go.  When I was in college, all three of my roommates and I curled up on the couch to watch a movie and talk about what type of theme party we wanted to throw in the name of sorority recruitment.  The man who would be my husband got ambush kissed by me the first time on that loveseat.  A few years later, that same fella blew my mind with a ring and a question when I was curled up on it with sweatpants and glasses on.

We have totally respectable married people couches now and I hope the fella that bought them has some good memories with these futons too.  

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