May 13, 2012

We'll pay in cash, thanks.

Right around my birthday, we were able to knock out another credit card!  We don't have a credit card any longer.  It was one of the best feelings when I was able to delete all three of them off of the app since they all had a zero balance and were cancelled.  It shows that we have cash in the bank and our credit card debt is zero.  I was 19 the last time I had a zero balance on my credit cards.  It was definitely a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.  Two more student loans and a truck payment to go and we're done!  We're really hoping to see our meager little bank account grow and grow once we don't have to pay so much every month for money that we spent years ago.  

Our Debt Snowball:

Discover Card
Best Buy Card
Bank of America Zeta Card
Corey's Student Loan
Corey's Truck
Dani's Student Loan

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