Oct 30, 2012

Home Organization 101: The Garage

Last week I started the Home Organization 101 challenge and tackled our kitchen.  This week's space was the garage.  Hubs and I just emptied the whole thing out in May so it's not terrible.  Since he was at work, I didn't do too much heavy lifting or get into the spooky attic.  Anything with pull down stairs just gives me the creeps and I'm definitely not going up there by myself.

This is kind of the catch all corner.

I believe those blankets have been lying there since the last time that we went to the drive in.  In August.

I feel like the pile of shoes can build up in about three seconds.


No blankets or shoes!  What a difference.  When we moved in, the builders left these huge scraps of carpet and they've actually been super handy as mega rugs.

I'm surprised all of the junk that spread itself on the floor fit into boxes to be put away.  I was able to close Hubs' tool box for the first time ever.  That pallet is fixed to the wall to store things like baseball bats, shovels, tall umbrellas, and things like that.

Maybe someday I'll buy some pretty boxes to hold everything but for today, my budget is $0 and I'm going to embrace the mismatchy thing going on here.

Another one down!  If Hubs immediately makes a pile of shoes when he gets home from work, he gets to clean it next time.  The next area on the list is the pantry.  I can't wait!

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